What Type of Matress is best for my Sleep Position?

When selecting your best mattress for better sleep, it is important to identify how you like to sleep; back, stomach, side or some combination of the three. Generally speaking, if you’re a back sleeper you could tolerate a firmer mattress although it doesn’t have to be extra firm or hard. However, for stomach sleeping, you would want your mattress to be more firm as any sagging in your midsection can wreak havoc on your low back. Firm spring mattresses are good options for stomach sleeping. Side sleeping is the trickiest position because it requires finding the right balance of support and cushioning to accommodate your hips and shoulders in order to relieve pressure points in those critical areas. Plush spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or latex mattresses work well for side sleepers. And if you like sleeping in multiple positions than a medium comfort would be a safe choice to have a reasonable balance between support and comfort for all three positions. A quality mattress with a hybrid design of coil support and latex padding or memory foam comfort layers is a good choice for multiple sleeping positions.

How can I improve my quality of sleep if I’m tossing and turning all night?

If you toss and turn during the night, it’s likely that your mind is restless or your body is uncomfortable. Purchasing a new, more comfortable, good quality mattress for better sleep can fix your comfort issues and it is a necessary step if you’re experiencing achiness and general discomfort. But if you’re having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, you should analyze your sleep routine and try making some changes to it as well as your sleep environment in order to improve the quality of your sleep. This can have a dramatic effect on the quality of your sleep and help you feel much better.

Which mattress is best for my body type?

To select the best mattress for better sleep, you need to be aware of your own personal shape, size, and body weight. The more one weighs they will need more support than someone who is smaller in stature although this doesn’t mean that the mattress needs to be hard because support and comfort are two different things. Good support in a mattress simply means that you’re maintaining a neutral spinal alignment. If your mattress lacks support, you’ll sag into it like a hammock. If the mattress is too hard, it will jam your hips and shoulders upward not only throwing your alignment out of whack but also putting pressure on those areas causing achiness and soreness even cutting off circulation through your arm causing numbness and tingling. If you are heavier but prefer to sleep on your side, you would want firm support but not a flat, hard mattress overall. Choosing a firm spring mattress with generous layers of latex padding or memory foam may work better in this case. Also, choosing a mattress with zoned support could be a great choice for a heavier person as it will provide extra support in the center third of the mattress where most of our body weight is concentrated. Women have a different body shape than men while some people have larger hips or shoulders than average. If you are someone who is curvy or has broad shoulders, you’ll want something a little more plush overall especially if you’re a side sleeper. A plush spring mattress, latex mattresses or memory foam mattresses will help conform to the curves of your body and relieve pressure points for people like this.

Is there anything that can help me with snoring? Sleep apnea? Acid reflux? Circulation? Back pain?

You should address any unique aches and pains, injuries or medical conditions that you may be dealing with when selecting a new mattress. If you deal with circulation issues, acid reflux, sleep apnea or snoring, or lower back pain an adjustable bed base can work wonders for your sleep and quality of life. Instead of fighting with wedges and/or pillows every time you get in or out of bed trying to get adjusted to your required sleep posture an adjustable bed base does all the work for you and makes getting in and out of bed easier than sitting in a recliner. Modern adjustable bed bases are highly functional and incorporate beautiful contemporary styling. These are not your grandfather’s hospital bed. You can find cheaper basic units that just go up and down at the head and feet but your better units will allow you to program your own optimum positions, and include massage and lumbar adjustment (among other features) which can really make the difference between an average ordinary sleep system and a truly extraordinary ergonomic sleep system. Unfortunately, neither a mattress nor an adjustable bed base will cure any of these problems but they will certainly help to improve your condition and help you sleep better and feel better. Just be sure to select a mattress that is adjustable friendly if an adjustable bed base is something you’ll be investing in.

How can I make watching TV in bed more comfortable? Reading? Using my computer or digital device?

Adjustable bed bases are great for lifestyle functions such as watching TV, reading, working on your laptop of tablet, surfing the web or catching up on your social media. No more trying to prop yourself up with a mountain of pillows. With an adjustable bed base, your favorite position is only a touch of a button away. Just remember that if you’re going to invest in an adjustable bed base you must purchase an adjustable friendly mattress to ensure proper operation, comfort, and longevity. Today’s modern designs offer many excellent adjustable friendly mattress choices including spring mattresses so don’t get fooled by someone telling you that it has to be a memory foam mattress or latex mattress in order for it to work well. But, if you do choose coils, be sure to get a mattress with individually wrapped coils for optimum integration with an adjustable bed base.

How do I figure out my comfort preference?

When shopping for a new mattress, you should consider if you prefer a firmer mattress or a softer mattress in terms of overall comfort. For instance, if you happen to be someone who wants your mattress to feel like a cloud, ultra plush would be the way to go. A wool topper makes a great addition to any mattress if you’re wanting to have that fluffy feeling along your body. Another example would be the person who has always slept on a firmer mattress and doesn’t have any discomfort or sleep problems. This person should stick with a firmer mattress understanding that they can always soften it up by using a latex mattress topper or a memory foam mattress topper if their comfort preference changes. A firm spring mattress would work well for this person. But don’t let the old saying, “Firmer is better,” fool you. What you need is enough support to keep a good spinal alignment and the required level of support is different depending on the person. This is not a one firmness fits all proposition. You do not necessarily need an extra firm mattress and your mattress doesn’t have to be flat and hard especially if you’re a side sleeper. Once you’ve found sufficient support depending on size, shape, and weight, your preferred comfort level can be pretty much whatever you want.

Before I make a final decision, what else should I be thinking about?

Although comfort is primary, there are several other considerations that are often overlooked that you should be thinking about before making a final decision on a new mattress. One is how high you want your mattress to be. Mattresses come in different heights and, depending on what you’re putting it on, your mattress could end up higher or lower than you want. Be sure to analyze how high you would want the top of your mattress for ease of getting in and out of bed as well as how you want your bed to look aesthetically. If you have a headboard and dress your bed with decorative pillows you may not want your mattress to be too high. Latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses can come in a wide range of comforts for a contemporary low profile look. However, if you want your bed to have a grand look and have an impressive presence in your bedroom then some extra height would be desirable.

How do I choose the right mattress for my young child? Teenager? Guestroom? Vacation home?

An important factor to consider when searching for the best new mattress is what the mattress will be used for; small child, teenager, adult, or in a guestroom. For small children, you don’t need anything fancy as long as it’s not saggy. However, if you want it to last until your child heads off to college then you’ll definitely need to pay more money and spring for a mattress of higher quality with features that will be necessary when your child is bigger, heavier, and more sweaty; features like more ergonomic individually wrapped coils, pressure relieving comfort layers, and breathable fibers along with performance fabrics on the top. Teenagers absolutely need more support than a small child but at the same time are notorious for saying that they want a plush mattress. Teenagers do require more sleep as they are still growing and have to process enormous amounts of information as well as stress not to mention recouping from the physical demands put upon their bodies from athletics and other pursuits. Do not make the mistake of buying a cheap mattress for your teenager as you’ll certainly be doing them a disservice. Finally, unless you like to spoil your guests or you know for sure who’s coming and what they like to sleep on, it’s best to stick to a medium or cushion-firm comfort of reasonable quality for your guestroom mattress to ensure decent accommodation and so that you won’t have to replace it any time soon if ever. But if you’re buying a mattress for your vacation home, your mattress for your master bedroom should be as comfortable as the one in your main home. It makes no sense to go on vacation and be miserable because you made the mistake of buying a cheap mattress thinking it would be okay.

What are the best options for reducing motion transfer?

Motion transfer is a concern for some couples. If you’re a light sleeper, your sleep can easily be disturbed by a partner who keeps a different sleep schedule or who moves around a lot in bed. Latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses are excellent at reducing motion transfer as well as spring mattresses with individually wrapped coils. But let’s be practical about this. If your sleep partner refuses to make an effort to be more gentle when getting in or out of bed or when turning over, then no mattress will magically eliminate that sort of rudeness. Also, remember that your mattress is on a common frame or piece of furniture so, no matter how well designed the mattress is to reduce motion transfer, it cannot be eliminated completely.

Is there anything can help me sleep cooler?

Sleeping hot is a concern for some people. Natural mattresses have become more and more popular in addressing this issue. They will typically sleep cooler than mattresses built with conventional foams by virtue of the fact that natural raw materials are more breathable, wick away moisture, work to stabilize body temperature, and don’t retain heat the way some foams do. However, advances in foam production technology have allowed for the development of cooler foams like serene and gel-infused foam allowing for a wide range of cool options in today’s mattress market. The cover on the mattress (or ticking) is also important to consider in seeking the coolest mattress possible. Again naturally derived fabrics are the best and today’s performance textiles have amazing attributes that hot sleepers will appreciate. A little taming of expectations is in order on this topic though. As good as some of these raw materials are, there is no guarantee that you’ll sleep cool as a cucumber every night for the rest of your life. The most important thing is to make sure that the mattress you select has the proper support and is comfortable to your body. Then make sure it is made with the coolest, most breathable materials available. And remember, you can always change your environment by opening a window or turning on a fan or A/C but an uncomfortable mattress will always be uncomfortable even if it makes you feel cooler.

How can I make sure I won’t feel like I’m rolling out of bed?

If you’re someone who likes sleeping close to the edge of your mattress or if that’s just where you end up after your 2-year-old takes over in the middle of the night then you should be wary of edges that roll off because of lack of edge support. Latex mattresses have softer edges by default. Another consideration would be if you happen to sit on the side of your mattress a lot and don’t like that sloping down feeling. Although a mattress is not designed to sit on and you shouldn’t do this on a regular basis for prolonged periods, a well-built mattress with decent edge support can make the difference between loving and hating your mattress. Spring mattresses will typically have better edge support if this is an issue for you especially one with a foam encased edge.

What is the best kind of mattress for eliminating dust mites?

The dust mite scare has been a major marketing ploy in the mattress world for some time now. While it is true that certain raw materials will help to minimize dust mite infestation you should understand that, practically speaking, dust mites are all over your house and no mattress that you buy will eliminate them from your life. Dust mites need a humid environment to live and thrive in so natural mattresses or organic mattresses made with natural latex which is moisture resistant and wool which wicks away moisture better than most other commonly used mattress materials will help to eliminate dust mites from your sleep environment. However, dust mites love to eat your skin cells and your skin cells will still collect on top of your mattress and everywhere else as they slough off by the millions every day. So the most practical thing you can do no matter what type of mattress you buy is to cover it with a good quality mattress protector that can be easily removed to launder on a regular basis helping to keep your sleep environment clean and free from dust mites and other allergens. And if allergies are a major concern for you then you should purchase a zippered encasement for your mattress to completely seal your mattress and then put another protector on top of that which can be easily removed to launder on a regular basis.

How much do I need to spend to get a good mattress?

Nobody likes to talk about money but your budget is a worthwhile topic when trying to figure out which mattress to buy. Buying a cheap mattress is like buying cheap shoes. They’re never comfortable and they wear out really fast. Whatever amount you spend ends up being a total waste. Your mattress is the one thing in your life that you’ll use more and keep longer than anything else and, realizing how important your mattress is to getting quality sleep and that quality sleep is critical to optimum health, you should be willing to invest as much as you can reasonably afford to get a quality mattress for better sleep. Find a brand that you trust and ask yourself the following questions. Do they know what they’re talking about? Do they build a quality product? Do they provide good service? Is their warranty consistent with industry standards? What will they do if you don’t like the mattress you purchased? Remember that you get what you pay for and, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

What is a luxury mattress?

Think of a luxury mattress like a luxury car. While your average car will get you from point A to point B just like a luxury car will, the luxury car is absolutely more comfortable, provides a higher level of performance, and makes the journey a whole lot more enjoyable. Likewise, a luxury mattress will have better engineering and design, be made from finer more durable raw materials, and will be hand crafted with more precision and greater attention to detail. A luxury mattress will typically include more natural or organic raw materials such as cotton, silk, wool, alpaca, cashmere, horse hair, down, and latex. Understanding that you will still need to select the correct level of support and overall comfort, a true luxury mattress will not only look nicer and last longer but will also be more ergonomic, more supportive, more pressure relieving, sleep cooler, and have less motion transfer when compared to your average mattress. We all know the value of great sleep is priceless so a great mattress which delivers superior performance will not be cheap but is definitely worth the investment. However, luxury mattresses priced over ten thousand dollars are more about bragging rights and rarely provide any legitimate benefit in terms of quality or comfort so beware of the law of diminishing returns when trying to keep up with the Jones’.


  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day including weekends and vacation.
  • Do not take long naps and do not take naps late in the day.
  • Exercise daily; in the morning is best.
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and heavy spicy meals before bed time.
  • Avoid using electronic devices, surfing the web, doing social media, or watching TV before bed.
  • Minimize work and leisure activities in the bedroom. Keeping the bedroom for sleep, sickness, and sex will help your brain to settle into sleep by eliminating confusion as to why you’re in that room.
  • Be sure your sleep environment is as dark as possible; eliminate any source of light including alarm clocks and even small LED lights form TVs and other electronics.
  • Make your sleep environment as quiet as possible; consider using ear plugs if necessary.
  • Dim the lights in your house prior to beginning your sleep routine.
  • Have a consistent, relaxing nightly routine to help signal your brain that it’s time for sleep; about an hour before bed time is optimal if possible.
  • Keep your sleep environment cool; between 60-67 degrees.
  • If you have not fallen asleep within 20-30 minutes of going to bed, go to another room and read with a dim light until sleepy. It is better to get less but quality sleep than to toss and turn all night with a restless mind.
  • Expose yourself to sunlight when you wake up.