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Bay Area Mattress Outlet is San Jose and Silicon Valley’s best mattress store to get great mattress brands at great prices every day without the usual sales gimmicks and pushy salespeople. Not your typical mattress store, Bay Area Mattress Outlet puts you at ease right when you walk through the door. With laid-back service from knowledgeable sleep experts and excellent quality options from top name brands, you’ll walk out the door with a great deal. We’ve taken the time to curate a selection of today’s most popular mattress styles, so you can try everything from traditional spring mattress designs to newer alternatives like foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, latex mattresses, and natural mattresses.

At Bay Area Mattress Outlet, we focus on bringing you comfortable, high-quality mattresses at every day, no-haggle prices so you can shop locally whenever you want and get great service from courteous, knowledgeable mattress professionals.

Don't be fooled!

Probably the biggest trend in mattresses today is the proliferation of online “bed in a box” brands. At first glance, they seem like a great deal. But after careful consideration, the savvy consumer will see through the hype and make the smarter decision to buy local for a better mattress and a better deal.

The problem with most online brands is that you can’t test the mattress and there’s usually minimal selection if any at all. There is no magic mattress that is perfect for everyone. You have to find the right mattress for you and the only way to do that is to try it out in a local showroom. Of course, the online brands tell you that’s impossible to do in just a few minutes and they’re right. But working with a knowledgeable sleep professional and taking the time to relax in the showroom will result in a better buying decision and virtually guarantees your satisfaction. No online brand can do this for you. All they can do is tell you that if you don’t like their miracle mattress you can return it for free.

Do you really want the headache? Do you really want to risk the high probability that you won’t like the online mattress you never tried? Do you really want to have to buy another mattress and coordinate getting the online mattress you don’t like picked up and the new one delivered? Do you really want to buy an online brand only to end up realizing you should’ve purchased in a local store after all? You can actually get a mattress of similar design and quality as most online brands for less at Bay Area Mattress Outlet and get rapid delivery so you spend less, get it quicker, and have it set up for you all with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you selected the right mattress from your local mattress experts at Bay Area Mattress Outlet.

Why Bay Area Mattress Outlet?

In today’s frenetic 4G world, you need major buying decisions like purchasing a mattress to be simplified by knowledgeable sleep experts you can trust not to waste precious hours researching and traveling around town to face one uninformed cheesy salesperson after another pushing their latest gimmick. You want a great mattress deal but you also want quality, not a cheap mattress that you’ll regret buying later. You’re smart enough to know that no single mattress is perfect for everyone; you want ample selection streamlined by competent friendly customer service that gives you the information you need to make the best decision.

Save time, headaches, and money by shopping San Jose and Silicon Valley’s best local mattress store, Bay Area Mattress Outlet. We alleviate the stress of the typical mattress buying experience with just the right selection of today’s most popular mattress styles with everyday haggle-free low prices, fast and quick shipping, and the promise of the best mattress buying experience you’ve ever had. Don’t take our word for it…check us out online.

"BAMO rocks! They really know their stuff. Simple and straightforward without the BS. I love my new mattress. Thanks, BAMO!"

- Pete

Santa Clara